Windows on Speed: Ultimate PC Acceleration Manual

Free eBook - Windows on Speed: Ultimate PC Acceleration Manual

Download free pdf ebook “Windows on Speed: Ultimate PC Acceleration Manual” by Tina Sieber. This manual explains why Windows slows down and what you can do to prevent this from happening too quickly.


I will explain how to store your data to reduce disk fragmentation, how you should properly remove programs to avoid registry junk, which system maintenance tools you should use to maintain a top notch performance, how to protect your system from malware attacks, and how to physically clean your machine to avoid hardware damage and failure. I will also provide a troubleshooting guide for already affected systems and steps to cure the slow motion.

Table of Contents

  • Why does Windows slow down?
  • How can I maintain top performance?
  • Troubleshoot and fix an unresponsive system
  • What to do when none of the fixes work?

Book Details

Author(s): Tina Sieber
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.10 MB
Number of pages: 39
Link: Download.

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