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Free 174 page eBook “Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide” from Auslogics Software. Learn how to fix a slow computer.


Having to deal with a slow and unresponsive computer is a problem faced by millions of computer users. The reason for that is simple – Windows computers tend to slow down with time and use. As a result, they become a pain in the neck to use. But a slow computer can be fixed and “Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide” is the book that will teach you how to do it.

It provides easy to follow computer speedup and maintenance instructions written in plain English. This makes the book invaluable for less experienced users. With the help of “Turbo Windows” even computer novices will be able to speed up their PCs by simply following the instructions. Moreover, the book explains how Windows computers work and why they should be optimized.

Table of Contents

  • The best ways to back up your data
  • Use Check Disk to detect and fix hard drive errors
  • Optimize PC startup
  • Create a system and a data partition
  • Clean up your PC to improve performance
  • Optimize Windows appearance settings
  • The ultimate Windows performance tweaks
  • Upgrade RAM and configure virtual memory
  • Optimize your BIOS for top performance
  • Optimize your hard drive for peak performance
  • Install an SSD for the maximum performance gain
  • Keep your computer fully patched
  • Cleanup and Defragment the Registry for an extra performance boost
  • Speed up your browser and compact your mail
  • Configure your anti-virus for maximum performance

Book Details

Author(s): Liz Cornwell and André Coolfix.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 19.75 MB
Number of pages: 174
Link: Download.

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