Tools and utilities in free software

Free eBook: Tools and utilities in free software

Free 365 page eBook “Tools and utilities in free software” from Free Technology Academy. This book will introduce learners to some of the programs designed for the desktop environments of end users.


These programs allow users to browse the Internet securely (Mozilla), manage e-mail and work in groups (Evolution) and create word-processor text documents, spreadsheets and presentations ( With this book, students will learn how to work with these free tools in different environments.

On this course, students will also discover how to work with these free tools in proprietary environments such as Microsoft Windows, as well as GNU/Linux of course.

The course contents are organised into two main parts. The first, which covers Units 1 and 2, deals with Internet tools, while the second focuses on the program, which needs more units due to its complexity.

Table of Contents

  • Firefox: using and configuring the browser
  • Novell Evolution. E-mail manager and personal information manager
  • Program installation
  • Basic program setup
  • Open Writer. word processor
  • Open Calc. The spreadsheet application
  • Open Impress. presentations
  • Open Draw. Drawing with
  • Databases in

Book Details

Author(s): Jesús Corrius i Llavina
Format(s): PDF
File size: 107.4 MB
Number of pages: 365
Link: Download.

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