Think Stats – Probability and Statistics for Programmers

Free eBook: Think Stats - Probability and Statistics for Programmers

Free eBook “Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers” by Allen B. Downey. Think Stats is an introduction to Probability and Statistics for Python programmers.


If you have basic skills in Python, you can use them to learn concepts in probability and statistics. This new book emphasizes simple techniques you can use to explore real data sets and answer interesting statistical questions.

If you know how to program, you have the skills to turn data into knowledge using the tools of probability and statistics. This concise introduction shows you how to perform statistical analysis computationally, rather than mathematically, with programs written in Python.

  • Develop your understanding of probability and statistics by writing and testing code
  • Run experiments to test statistical behavior, such as generating samples from several distributions
  • Use simulations to understand concepts that are hard to grasp mathematically
  • Learn topics not usually covered in an introductory course, such as Bayesian estimation
  • Import data from almost any source using Python, rather than be limited to data that has been cleaned and formatted for statistics tools
  • Use statistical inference to answer questions about real-world data

Table of Contents

  • Statistical Thinking for Programmers
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Cumulative Distribution Functions
  • Continuous Distributions
  • Probability
  • Operations on Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Estimation
  • Correlation

Book Details

Author(s): Allen B. Downey
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 1.48 MB
Number of pages: 142
Link: Download.

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