The Mac Manual

Free eBook: The Mac Manual

Free eBook “The Mac Manual” from This ebook was written with the beginner Mac user in mind.


It was intended to help recent Switchers learn more about the Mac operating system, to expose them to the best free applications, to extend their productivity and to assist them with day-to-day procedures by revealing useful tips and tricks from seasoned Mac users. If you are a Switcher, this ebook will prove to be incredibly useful as it starts from the very beginning introducing the applications that come bundled with every Mac, their functions and how to use them. Once you’re familiar with what your Mac has to offer and how you can make the best out of it, we’ll begin to talk about plugins and third-party applications which will further enhance your workflow.

Table of Contents

  • What’s on your Mac?
  • Pre-installed Applications
  • Third-party Apps & plugins
  • Pro Tips

Book Details

Author(s): Jackson Chung
Format(s): PDF
File size: 6.45 MB
Number of pages: 69
Link: Download.

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