The Java Developer’s Guide to Web Development Frameworks

Free eBook: The Java Developer's Guide to Web Development Frameworks

Java developers today have many choices for web development frameworks. To help you decide which is best for your web development projects, this guide introduces you to the leading open source frameworks: JavaServer Faces, Spring, Struts, Tapestry, and Wicket.


The Web application frameworks available today offer a wealth of development styles. Well-known Web development technologies such as JavaServer Faces, ASP.NET, and the Google Web Toolkit use event-driven, component-oriented designs that resemble traditional GUI programming. This approach makes sense as Web applications become more like desktop applications in sophistication and functionality all the time. However, many of these frameworks can be unwieldy, requiring heavy tool support and having steep learning curves. Also, the mingling of code and markup often challenges testability, re-factoring, and separation of concerns.

Table of Contents

  • Java Web Development the Wicket Way
  • Struts to Stripes — A Road Worth Traveling
  • Rapid Java Web Application Development with Tapestry
  • Face Up to Web Application Design Using JSF and MyFaces
  • Simplify Your Web App Development Using the Spring MVC Framework

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Author(s): Daniel Carleton, Rick Smith, John Ferguson Smart and Javid Jamae.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 724 KB
Number of pages: 67
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