Starting Struts 2

Free eBook: Starting Struts 2

Download this free eBook “Starting Struts 2” in pdf format. Struts2 is the latest manifestation of the popular Struts Java web application framework.


Like its predecessor, its goals are to make web application development faster, easier and more productive than ever before. Topics covered: The Struts2 architecture, Configuration details, Productivity tips for your current project, Coverage of popular plug-ins, Integration with third party technologies.

The goal of this book is to familiarize you with the Struts2 framework and provide you with a solid understanding of the components that make up the framework and the configuration options that are available. You will also be introduced some ways to increase your productivity including default configurations and implementation features to be aware of; different configuration options that are available; and development techniques.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Where Struts2 Fits Into The Web Paradigm
  • Core Components
  • Architectural Goals
  • Productivity Tips
  • Integrating With Other Technologies

Book Details

Author(s): Ian Roughley
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.16 MB
Number of pages: 122
Link: Download.

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