SQL Server Hardware Choices Made Easy

Free eBook: SQL Server Hardware Choices Made Easy

Free eBook “SQL Server Hardware Choices Made Easy” from Red Gate software. Relational databases place heavy demands on their underlying hardware. Many databases are mission-critical resources for multiple applications, where performance bottlenecks are immediately noticeable and often very costly to the business. Despite this, many database administrators are not very knowledgeable about server hardware.


The idea behind this eBook is to provide a quick “heads up” to the issues that I have found to be most important when choosing and configuring hardware for use with SQL Server, by providing a series of specific tips or pieces of advice. In 30 short tips, it provide advice on how to: choose a processor, and related hardware, for database servers, and the factors that will influence that choice, choose a processor for test and development systems, provision and configure your disk subsystem.

Table of Contents

  • Server processors and related hardware
  • Desktop and laptop processors and related hardware
  • Configuring the disk subsystem
  • Recommended Intel and AMD processors

Book Details

Author(s): Glenn Berry
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.92 MB
Number of pages: 79
Link: Download.

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