Software Architecture

Free eBook: Software Architecture

Free eBook “Software Architecture” from The Free Technology Academy is in pdf format. Software architecture is the discipline concerned with model-based description and analysis of software systems with a view to satisfying the concerns of stakeholders. The software architecture of a system is a high-level description of its components and their interactions.


The central theme of this ebook is balancing the concerns and requirements of stakeholders, combining these into an architecture proposal by employing known tactics and patterns, producing a description of the architecture that can be communicated and analysed, and evaluating the resulting architecture’s qualities.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to software architecture
  • Requirements engineering
  • Description and evaluation
  • Architectural patterns
  • Patterns for enterprise applications
  • Patterns for enterprise application integration
  • Component software
  • Design by contract
  • Service oriented architectures

Book Details

Author(s): A. Bijlsma, B.J. Heeren, E.E. Roubtsova, S. Stuurman
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.12 MB
Number of pages: 162
Link: Download.

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