Silverlight for Windows Phone

Free eBook: Silverlight for Windows Phone

Free eBook “Silverlight for Windows Phone” by Puja Pramudya. This e-book is written for those who want to get to know, use, and develop applications for Windows Phone, Microsoft’s latest mobile platform.


Of course, it would be naive to consider that this e-book covers the topic about Windows Phone entirely, but it can undoubtedly give you a good basic to learn. In this e-book you will not find topics that require advanced hardware supports such as multi-touch or FM, because this e-book is written based on the available emulator. Topics covered: Windows Phone Overview, Using Windows Phone Development Tools, Silverlight on Windows Phone, Specific Features on Windows Phone, Developing a Simple Windows Phone Application.

Table of Contents

  • Windows Phone
  • Silverlight and Windows Phone
  • Development Requirements
  • You Had Me At “Hello World”
  • Navigations on Windows Phone
  • Dealing with Page Orientations
  • Application Bar
  • Web Service Consumption
  • Working with Data
  • Using Isolated Storage
  • SIP Layout
  • Getting to Know Web Browser
  • Globalization & Localization
  • Location Based System
  • Getting to Know Accelerometer
  • Bing Maps Control for Windows Phone
  • #1 – Unit Converter
  • #2 – Stock Screen

Book Details

Author(s): Puja Pramudya
Format(s): PDF
File size: 8.20 MB
Number of pages: 157
Link: Download.

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