Pro Java 6 3D Game Development

Free eBook: Pro Java 6 3D Game Development

Free eBook “Pro Java 6 3D Game Development” by Andrew Davison. Early draft version of this book is available in pdf format. Java gaming expert Andrew Davison will show you how to develop and program 3D games in Java technology on a PC, with an emphasis on the construction of 3D landscapes.


Learn all the latest Java SE 6 features relevant to gaming, including: splash screens, JavaScript scripting as well as the desktop and system tray interfaces. Unique coverage of Java game development using both the Java 3D API and Java for OpenGL, as well as invaluable experience from a recognized Java gaming guru, will provide you with a distinct advantage after reading this book.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Java 3D
  • Get a Life (in 3D)
  • Get a Life (the Java 6 Way)
  • The Colliding Grabbers
  • When Worlds Collide
  • A Multitextured Landscape
  • Walking Around the Models
  • Backgrounds and Overlays
  • Webcam Snaps
  • Navigating a 3D Scene by Waving Your Arm
  • Waving a Magic Wand
  • Building a Game Pad Controller with JInput
  • Game Pad Grabbers
  • 3D Sound with JOAL
  • The P5 Glove
  • Two JOGL Programming Frameworks
  • Touring the World
  • Picking on the Models
  • Stereo Viewing
  • Rotating Boxes
  • Loading OBJ Models
  • A Particle System

Book Details

Author(s): Andrew Davison
Format(s): PDF
Link: Download.

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