Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications

Free eBook: Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications

Free eBook “Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications” from Microsoft Press. This guide covers Microsoft’s recommended approach for implementing performance testing for Web applications.


These provide steps for managing and conducting performance testing. For simplification and tangible results, they are broken down into activities with inputs, outputs, and steps. You can use the steps as a baseline or to help you evolve your own process.

Table of Contents

  • Fundamentals of Web Application Performance Testing
  • Types of Performance Testing
  • Risks Addressed Through Performance Testing
  • Web Application Performance Testing Core Activities
  • Coordinating Performance Testing with an Iteration-Based Process
  • Managing an Agile Performance Test Cycle
  • Managing the Performance Test Cycle in a Regulated (CMMI) Environment
  • Evaluating Systems to Increase Performance Testing Effectiveness
  • Determining Performance Testing Objectives
  • Quantifying End-User Response Time Goals
  • Consolidating Various Types of Performance Acceptance Criteria
  • Modeling Application Usage
  • Determining Individual User Data and Variances
  • Test Execution
  • Key Mathematic Principles for Performance Testers
  • Performance Test Reporting Fundamentals
  • Load-Testing Web Applications
  • Stress Testing Web Applications

Book Details

Author(s): J.D. Meier, Carlos Farre, Prashant Bansode, Scott Barber and Dennis Rea.
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 3.22 MB
Number of pages: 221
Link: Download or read online.

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