Multiagent Systems

Free eBook: Multiagent Systems

Free eBook “Multiagent Systems: Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic, and Logical Foundations” by Yoav Shoham and Kevin Leyton-Brown. Multiagent systems consist of multiple autonomous entities having different information and/or diverging interests.


This comprehensive introduction to the field offers a computer science perspective, but also draws on ideas from game theory, economics, operations research, logic, philosophy and linguistics. It will serve as a reference for researchers in each of these fields, and be used as a text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses.

Table of Contents

  • Distributed Constraint Satisfaction
  • Distributed Optimization
  • Introduction to Noncooperative Game Theory: Games in Normal Form
  • Computing Solution Concepts of Normal-Form Games
  • Richer Representations: Beyond the Normal and Extensive Forms
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Communication
  • Aggregating Preferences: Social Choice
  • Protocols for Strategic Agents: Mechanism Design
  • Protocols for Multiagent Resource Allocation: Auctions
  • Teams of Selfish Agents: An Introduction to Coalitional Game Theory
  • Logics of Knowledge and Belief
  • Beyond Belief: Probability, Dynamics and Intention

Book Details

Author(s): Yoav Shoham and Kevin Leyton-Brown.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 3.73 MB
Number of pages: 532
Link: Download.

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