Logic, Programming and Prolog 2nd Edition

Free eBook: Logic, Programming and Prolog 2nd Edition

Download free book “Logic, Programming and Prolog 2nd Edition” by by Ulf Nilsson and Jan Maluszynski in pdf format. The use of logic as the basis for program development is motivated by the possibilities it offers for achieving greater program correctness.


PROLOG is a high-level programming language based on the concept of logic. This text offers a concise treatment of the theory of logic programming and a practical, problem-solving approach to its applications. It introduces major new developments in a continually evolving field, including topics such as concurrency, equational logic programming and constraint logic programming.

Table of Contents

  • Definite Logic Programs
  • SLD-Resolution
  • Negation in Logic Programming
  • Towards Prolog: Cut and Arithmetic
  • Logic and Databases
  • Programming with Recursive Data Structures
  • Amalgamating Object- and Meta-language
  • Logic and Expert Systems
  • Logic and Grammars
  • Searching in a State-space
  • Logic Programming and Concurrency
  • Logic Programs with Equality
  • Constraint Logic Programming
  • Query-answering in Deductive Databases

Book Details

Author(s): Ulf Nilsson and Jan MaÃluszy¶nski.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.93 MB
Number of pages: 294
Link: Download.

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