Free eBook: Lessons from the Identity Trail

Free eBook: Lessons from the Identity Trail

Download each chapter in pdf format from free eBook “Lessons from the Identity Trail: Anonymity, Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society”.


During the past decade, rapid developments in information and communications technology have transformed key social, commercial, and political realities. Within that same time period, working at something less than Internet speed, much of the academic and policy debate arising from these new and emerging technologies has been fragmented. There have been few examples of interdisciplinary dialogue about the importance and impact of anonymity and privacy in a networked society.

Table of Contents

  • Soft Surveillance, Hard Consent: The Law and Psychology of Engineering Consent
  • Approaches to Consent in Canadian Data Protection Law
  • Learning from Data Protection Law at the Nexus of Copyright and Privacy
  • A Heuristics Approach to Understanding Privacy-Protecting Behaviors in Digital Social Environments
  • Ubiquitous Computing and Spatial Privacy
  • Core Privacy: A Problem for Predictive Data Mining
  • Privacy Versus National Security: Clarifying the Trade-Off
  • Privacy’s Second Home: Building a New Home for Privacy Under Section 15 of the Charter
  • What Have You Done for Me Lately? Reflections on Redeeming Privacy for Battered Women
  • Genetic Technologies and Medicine: Privacy, Identity, and Informed Consent
  • Reclaiming the Social Value of Privacy
  • A Conceptual Analysis of Identity
  • Identity: Difference and Categorization
  • Identity Cards and Identity Romanticism
  • What’s in a Name? Who Benefits from the Publication Ban in Sexual Assault Trials?
  • Life in the Fish Bowl: Feminist Interrogations of Webcamming
  • Ubiquitous Computing, Spatiality, and the Construction of Identity: Directions for Policy Response
  • Dignity and Selective Self-Presentation
  • The Internet of People? Reflections on the Future Regulation of Human-Implantable Radio Frequency Identification
  • Using Biometrics to Revisualize the Canada–U.S. Border
  • Soul Train: The New Surveillance in Popular Music
  • Exit Node Repudiation for Anonymity Networks
  • TrackMeNot: Resisting Surveillance in Web Search
  • Anonymity and the Law in the United States
  • Anonymity and the Law in Canada
  • Anonymity and the Law in the United Kingdom
  • Anonymity and the Law in the Netherlands
  • Anonymity and the Law in Italy

Book Details

Author(s): Ian Kerr, Valerie Steeves and Carole Lucock.
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 504
Link: Download.

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