Free eBook: jQuery – Just the Basics (Limited time offer – Expired)

Free eBook: jQuery - Just the Basics (Limited time offer)

“jQuery: Just the Basics – A Primer for the JavaScript Programmer” by Michael J Young is free on Kindle for a limited time period. This book teaches just jQuery. You should understand the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and standard JavaScript before reading it.


What “jQuery: Just the Basics” does for you is to select the smallest and most essential set of jQuery features that will still allow you to perform the majority of web development tasks. It then explains these features thoroughly, using many code examples and links to further information in the online help. The book’s teach-by-example approach saves much unnecessary verbiage — often you’ll understand a technique by just glancing at the example.

The book is designed to be read through from the beginning, and is written with a step-by-step logic and a minimum of repetition. Although it focuses on the basics of jQuery and is intended to get you started quickly, it’s NOT a superficial survey. It provides all the information, insights, and tips you’ll need to get started writing that next great web application!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Using jQuery in Your Web Pages
  • Selecting Web-Page Elements
  • Traversing Web-Page Elements
  • Modifying the Web Page
  • Scripting CSS Styles
  • Generating Animation Effects
  • Handling Web-Page Events
  • Ajax!
  • Creating jQuery Plugins

Book Details

Author(s): Michael J Young
Publisher: Self Reliant Press
Format(s): Kindle
File size: 315 KB
Number of pages: 172

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