Free eBook: iPhone Application Programming Guide

Free eBook: iPhone Application Programming Guide

Download “iPhone Application Programming Guide” in pdf format or read it online. The iPhone SDK provides the tools and resources needed to create native iPhone applications that appear as icons on the user’s Home screen.


Unlike a web application, which runs in Safari, a native application runs directly as a standalone executable on an iPhone OS–based device. Native applications have access to all the features that make the iPhone and iPod touch interesting, such as the accelerometers, location service, and Multi-Touch interface. They can also save data to the local file system and even communicate with other installed applications through custom URL schemes.

Table of Contents

  • App Design Basics
  • Core App Objects
  • App States and Multitasking
  • iCloud Storage
  • App-Related Resources
  • Advanced App Tricks
  • Performance Tuning

Book Details

Author(s): Apple Inc.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 4.20 MB
Number of pages: 120
Link: Download PDF. | Read online.

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