Introduction to Software development

Free eBook: Introduction to Software development

Free eBook “Introduction to Software development” from Free Technology Academy. This ebook is designed for IT specialists and developers that are starting their way in the free software development universe.


Free Software is developed with specific collaboration technics and tools that engage and enable world-wide communities. Professionals need to handle different programming technics, languages and develop specific workgroup skills. The programming languages used in this book are C, C++ or Java.

Table of Contents

  • An introduction to programming
  • The structured programming
  • Advanced programming in C. The development of efficient applications
  • Object oriented programming in C++
  • Programming in Java

Book Details

Author(s): J. Pérez López and L. Ribas i Xirgo.
Format(s): PDF, Docbook
File size: 22.60 MB
Number of pages: 380
Link: Download.

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