Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0

Free eBook: Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0

“Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0” is available as a free download from Microsoft. Dive deep in to the architectural details of Microsoft Dynamics AX to make relationships clear and development tasks easier.

Delivers the only in-depth development reference for Microsoft Dynamics AX, whose future success relies on a large and skilled developer community. Provides need-to-know information for consultants and developers. Features insights from the product team to help speed Microsoft Dynamics AX development, customization, and performance tasks.


  • Architectural Overview
  • The MorphX Development Environment
  • The MorphX Designers
  • The MorphX Development Tools
  • The X++ Programming Language
  • Customizing Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • The Business Connector
  • XML Document Integration
  • The Enterprise Portal
  • Configuration and Security
  • The Database Layer
  • Advanced MorphX Forms
  • Reflection
  • System Classes
  • Unit Testing
  • Performance
  • Upgrade and Data Migration

Book Details

Author(s): Arthur Greef and Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 9.88 MB
Number of pages: 543
Link: Download.

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