Implementation of Free Software Systems

Free eBook: Implementation of Free Software Systems

Free eBook “Implementation of Free Software Systems” from Free Technology Academy. This book looks in detail at the methodology used to implement free software systems in organisations and generic scenarios, establishing the main features that will guide the project and its development.


Technology is now becoming a strategic factor in both public and private organisations, whether small, medium or large. The integration of technology in all of the organisation’s functional and operating processes means that its state of operation is closely related to the production of the organisation. As a result, we need to systematically monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the system in order to control performance in line with the evolution of the strategic needs of the organisation.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the implementation of free software systems
  • Free software projects
  • Free software companies

Book Details

Author(s): Amadeu Albós Raya, Óscar David Sánchez Jiménez
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.20 MB
Number of pages: 169
Link: Download.

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