How Open is the Future

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“How Open Is the Future? : Economic, Social & Cultural Scenarios Inspired by Free & Open-Source Software” can be downloaded in pdf format for free.


With the rise of the internet and the growing concern over intellectual property, this study provides an open, constructive platform for a wide range of lawyers, artists, journalists, and activists to discuss their views on the future of free and open-source software. By exchanging both complementary and conflicting opinions, the contributors look ahead to the evolution, prospects, and issues of sharing knowledge and ideas through technology.

Table of Contents

  • Will the revolution be open-sourced?
  • Free as in Freedom, not Gratis!
  • The Open Source Paradigm Shift
  • Open Courseware and Open Scientific Publications
  • Roots Culture – Free Software Vibrations Inna Babylon
  • Extremadura and the Revolution of Free Software
  • Building Open Ecosystems for Collaborative Creativity
  • A Walk through the Music Bazaar & the Future of Music
  • Open Source, Science and Education
  • Open Standards Policy in Belgium
  • The Patenting of Life
  • Fostering Research, Innovation and Networking
  • Is Open-Sourced Biotechnology possible?
  • Legal Aspects of Software Protection through Patents and the Future of Reverse Engineering
  • Advancing Economic Research on the Free and Open Source Software Mode of Production
  • The Future of Open Source
  • The Future of Software: Enabling the Marketplace to Decide
  • Dual Licensing – A Business Model from the Second Generationof Open-Source Companies
  • Towards a EU Policy for Open-Source Software

Book Details

Author(s): Marleen Wynants and Jan Cornelis.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.45 MB
Number of pages: 534
Link: Download.

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