Do It Yourself Agile Kickstart

Free eBook: Do It Yourself Agile Kickstart

Download “Do It Yourself Agile Kickstart”, written by Damon Poole, in pdf format. The methodology in this book is based on Scrum, but it is not “pure” Scrum. It is Scrum with a number of Agile techniques added in that most good Scrum teams tend to do. It also encourages the use of “burnup” charts over “burndown” charts.


This book is intended for people that are ready to start their first Agile project or who have been “doing Agile” but have not had training or coaching in Agile. While there is a bit of material on the benefits of Agile, this book assumes that you aren’t looking to be convinced that Agile is a good idea; you’ve already decided to go ahead and try it on a project to get some experience with how it will work in your organization.

Table of Contents

  • Getting Ready For Agile
  • Starting Your Agile Project

Book Details

Author(s): Damon Poole
Format(s): PDF
File size: 17.10 MB
Number of pages: 31
Link: Download.

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