Discourses on Social Software

Free eBook: Discourses on Social Software

“Discourses on Social Software” can be downloaded in pdf format for free. The unusual format of a series of discussions among a logician, a computer scientist, a philosopher and some researchers from other disciplines encourages the reader to develop his own point of view. The only requirements for reading this book are a nodding familiarity with logic, a curious mind, and a taste for spicy debate.


The intended readership of the present volume is quite broad: we hope the book will appeal to a wide range of scienti cally minded readers willing to look beyond the borders of their own specialisms. Anyone to which this
description applies, and who has a bit of knowledge of mathematics and logic, should be able to grasp what goes on in the discourses. We have tried to make sure that speci c expertise in any of the elds contributing to “Games, Action and Social Software” is not required.

Table of Contents

  • Introductory Conversation
  • Replies to Angry, Prag and Star
  • What is Social Software?
  • A Guest Lecture on Social Software
  • Social Software and the Social Sciences
  • On Social Choice Theory
  • Ends and Means, Values and Virtues
  • Common Knowledge and Common Belief
  • Game Theory, Logic, and Rational Choice
  • What is Protocol Analysis?
  • Protocol Analysis and Dynamic Epistemic Logic
  • Battle of the Logics
  • Eating from the Tree of Ignorance
  • On Collective Rational Action
  • Social Software and the Ills of Society

Book Details

Author(s): Jan van Eijck and Rineke Verbrugge.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.90 MB
Number of pages: 270
Link: Download.

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