Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server

Free eBook: Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server

Free 301 page ebook “Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server”, written by Alex Kuznetsov. The goal of Defensive Programming is to produce resilient code that responds gracefully to the unexpected.


Inside this book, you will find dozens of practical, defensive programming techniques that will improve the quality of your T-SQL code and increase its resilience and robustness.

This book describes a lot of specific problems, and typical approaches that will lead to more robust code, However, the main goal is more general: it is to demonstrate how to think defensively, and how to proactively identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities in T-SQL code during development rather than after the event when the problems have already occurred.

Table of Contents

  • Basic Defensive Database Programming Techniques
  • Code Vulnerabilities due to SQL Server Misconceptions
  • Surviving Changes to Database Objects
  • When Upgrading Breaks Code
  • Reusing T-SQL Code
  • Common Problems with Data Integrity
  • Advanced Use of Constraints
  • Defensive Error Handling

Book Details

Author(s): Alex Kuznetsov
Format(s): PDF
File size: 5.40 MB
Number of pages: 302
Link: Download.

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