Database fundamentals

Free eBook: Database fundamentals

Free eBook “Database fundamentals” from IBM. Get the fundamentals to learn about databases.


Read this free ebook to: Learn relational database theory, Understand different information models, Learn logical and physical database design, Get the basics of the SQL language and XML, Practice using hands-on exercises.

This book is tailored for new database enthusiasts, application developers, database administrators, and anyone with an interest in the subject and looking to get exposure such as university students and new graduates.

Table of Contents

  • Databases and information models
  • The relational data model
  • The conceptual data model
  • Relational Database Design
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Stored procedures and functions
  • Using SQL in an application
  • Query languages for XML
  • Database Security
  • Technology trends and databases

Book Details

Author(s): Neeraj Sharma, Liviu Perniu, Raul F. Chong, Abhishek Iyer, Adi-Cristina Mitea, Chaitali Nandan, Mallarswami Nonvinkere and Mirela Danubianu.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 5.10 MB
Number of pages: 282
Link: Download.

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