Matters Computational – Ideas, Algorithms, Source Code

Free eBook: Matters Computational - Ideas, Algorithms, Source Code

Free 986 page ebook on algorithms “Matters Computational: Ideas, Algorithms, Source Code” by Jörg Arndt. The audience in mind are programmers who are interested in the treated algorithms and actually want to create and understand working and reasonably optimized code. This book provides algorithms and ideas for computationalists.


Subjects treated include low-level algorithms, bit wizardry, combinatorial generation, fast transforms like the Fourier transform, and fast arithmetic for both real numbers and finite fields. Various optimization techniques are described and the actual performance of many given implementations is examined. The focus is on material that does not usually appear in textbooks on algorithms. The implementations are done in C++ and the GP language, written for POSIX-compliant platforms such as the Linux and BSD operating systems.

Table of Contents

  • Low level algorithms
  • Combinatorial generation
  • Fast transforms
  • Fast arithmetic
  • Algorithms for finite fields

Book Details

Author(s): Jorg Arndt
Format(s): PDF
File size: 5.18 MB
Number of pages: 978
Link: Download

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