Free Online Book: The Unicode Standard Version 5.0

The Unicode Standard Version 5.0

The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0 is available as a free download. Each chapter can be downloaded in pdf format.


Version 5.0.0 of the Unicode Standard consists of the publication The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0 plus the Unicode Character Database, Version 5.0.0. The book gives the general principles, requirements for conformance, and guidelines for implementers, followed by character code charts and names and the text of all of the Unicode Standard Annexes.

Table of Contents

  • General Structure
  • Conformance
  • Character Properties
  • Implementation Guidelines
  • Writing Systems and Punctuation
  • European Alphabetic Scripts
  • Middle Eastern Scripts
  • South Asian Scripts
  • Southeast Asian Scripts
  • East Asian Scripts
  • Additional Modern Scripts
  • Archaic Scripts
  • Symbols
  • Special Areas and Format Characters
  • Code Charts Introductory Text

Book Details

Author(s): The Unicode Consortium
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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