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Free Book: Effective Windows PowerShell

Free eBook “Effective Windows PowerShell – Grok Windows PowerShell and Get More From It.” by Keith Hill.


I wanted to capture some of the tidbits I have picked up over the last couple of years using Windows PowerShell interactively and writing production build and test scripts. These items were written for PowerShell 1.0. Where appropriate I have added PowerShell 2.0 Update sections to discuss how the item is affected by the upcoming 2.0 release. As a final note, a number of the PowerShell code snippets shown use functionality from the PowerShell Community Extensions which can be downloaded from http://www.codeplex.com/PowerShellCX.

Table of Contents

  • Four Cmdlets that are the Keys to Discovery within PowerShell
  • Understanding Output
  • Know What Objects Are Flowing Down the Pipeline
  • Output Cardinality – Scalars, Collections and Empty Sets
  • Use the Objects, Luke. Use the Objects!
  • Know Your Output Formatters
  • Understanding PowerShell Parsing Modes
  • Understanding ByPropertyName Pipeline Bound Parameters
  • Understanding ByValue Pipeline Bound Parameters
  • Error Handling
  • Regular Expressions – One of the Power Tools in PowerShell
  • Comparing Arrays
  • Use Set-PSDebug -Strict In Your Scripts – Religiously
  • Commenting Out Lines in a Script File
  • Using the Output Field Separator Variable $OFS

Book Details

Author(s): Keith Hill
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.24 MB
Number of pages: 61
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