C# Essentials

Free Book: C# Essentials

Free online book “C# Essentials”. This C# Essentials eBook contains 28 chapters of detailed information designed to provide everything necessary to gain proficiency in the C# programming language and Visual Studio development environment.


The book begins with a detailed overview of the C# development and runtime environment with overviews of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), Common Intermediate Language (CIL) and Virtual Execution System (VES) followed by simple steps to creating both Windows and console based C# applications.

Table of Contents

  • The C# Language and Environment
  • A Simple C# Console Application
  • Creating a Simple C# GUI Application with Visual Studio
  • C# Variables and Constants
  • C# Operators and Expressions
  • C# Flow Control Using if and else
  • The C# switch Statement
  • C# Looping – The for Statement
  • C# Looping with do and while Statements
  • C# Object Oriented Programming
  • C# Inheritance
  • Understanding C# Abstract Classes
  • Introducing C# Arrays
  • C# List and ArrayList Collections
  • Working with Strings in C#
  • Formatting Strings in C#
  • Working with Dates and Times in C#
  • C# and Windows Forms
  • Designing Forms in C# and Visual Studio
  • Understanding C# GUI Events
  • C# Events and Event Parameters
  • Hiding and Showing Forms in C#
  • Creating Top-Level Menus in C#
  • Creating Context Menus in C#
  • Building a Toolbar with C# and Visual Studio
  • Drawing Graphics in C#
  • Using Bitmaps for Persistent Graphics in C#

Book Details

Author(s): Techotopia
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 155
Link: Read online.

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