Factoring JavaBeans in The Enterprise

Factoring JavaBeans in The Enterprise is an IBM Redbook which can be downloaded in PDF format. This book is about assembling JavaBeans.


Although we do give an introduction to what JavaBeans are, beans themselves are not the main topic of the book. Rather, we concentrate on how to find, connect, customize, and deploy JavaBeans in an enterprise environment. The book was written to assist: Decision-Makers (technical management), Team Leaders or Project Managers and Developers.

Table of Contents

  • The Good Old Way
  • Introducing Beans
  • Using the Assembly Surface
  • Dressing Beans
  • Serving Beans
  • Consuming Beans
  • The Road Ahead
  • Using the Samples

Book Details

Author(s): Henri Jubin and the Jalapeño team.
Format(s): Online
File size: 4.10 MB
Number of pages: 360
Link: Download.

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