Face Recognition

Face Recognition

This book will serve as a handbook for students, researchers and practitioners in the area of automatic (computer) face recognition and inspire some future research ideas by identifying potential research directions. The book consists of 28 chapters, each focusing on a certain aspect of the problem.


Within every chapter the reader will be given an overview of background information on the subject at hand and in many cases a description of the authors’ original proposed solution. The chapters in this book are sorted alphabetically, according to the first author’s surname. They should give the reader a general idea where the current research efforts are heading, both within the face recognition area itself and in interdisciplinary approaches.

Table of Contents

  • 3D Face Recognition in a Ambient Intelligence Environment Scenario
  • Image-based Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition
  • Nearest Feature Rules and Dissimilarity Representations for Face Recognition Problems
  • Improving Face Recognition by Video Spatial Morphing
  • Machine Analysis of Facial Expressions
  • 3D Face Recognition
  • Multi-Modal Human Verification Using Face and Speech
  • Face Recognition Using Optimized 3D Information from Stereo Images
  • Far-Field, Multi-Camera, Video-to-Video Face Recognition
  • Facing Visual Tasks Based on Different Cognitive Architectures
  • Frequency Domain Face Recognition
  • From Canonical Face to Synthesis – an Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Approach
  • A Feature-Level Fusion of Appearance and Passive Depth Information for Face Recognition
  • Selection and Efficient Use of Local Features for Face and Facial Expression Recognition in a Cortical Architecture
  • Measuring External Face Appearance for Face Classification
  • Investigating Spontaneous Facial Action Recognition through AAM Representations of the Face
  • Achieving Illumination Invariance Using Image Filters
  • Automatic Facial Feature Extraction for Face Recognition
  • Wavelets and Face Recognition
  • Image Compression Effects in Face Recognition Systems
  • PCA and LDA Based Neural Networks for Human Face Recognition
  • Multi-View Face Recognition with Min-Max Modular Support Vector Machines
  • Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Hardware Vision Systems Dedicated to Real-Time Face Recognition
  • Face and Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
  • Modelling Uncertainty in Representation of Facial Features for Face Recognition
  • Intelligent Global Face Recognition
  • Compact Parallel Optical Correlator for Face Recognition, and its Application
  • Human Detection and Gesture Recognition Based on Ambient Intelligence

Book Details

Author(s): Kresimir Delac and Mislav Grgic
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 17.77 MB
Number of pages: 558
Link: Download or read online.

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