Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET

Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET

This guide provides a brief overview of Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET, which embraces existing work in the patterns community, contributes new patterns, and shows how to implement these patterns in .NET. Included in the guide are an introduction to patterns and a catalog of 32 architecture, design, and implementation patterns.


This guide is written for readers in one or more of the following categories:

  • Architects, designers, and developers who are new to patterns
  • Architects and designers who are already experienced in using patterns to build enterprise solutions
  • System architects and system engineers who architect or design systems infrastructure

Table of Contents

  • Patterns for Building Enterprise Solutions
  • Organizing Patterns
  • Web Presentation Patterns
  • Deployment Patterns
  • Distributed Systems Patterns
  • Services Patterns
  • Performance and Reliability Patterns
  • Pattlets

Book Details

Author(s): David Trowbridge, Dave Mancini, Dave Quick, Gregor Hohpe, James Newkirk and David Lavigne.
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 1.50 MB
Number of pages: 367
Link: Download or Read online.

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