Eiffel: Analysis, Design and Programming Language

Eiffel: Analysis, Design and Programming Language

This document provides the full reference for the Eiffel language. Eiffel is a method of software construction and a language applicable to the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of software systems. This Standard covers only the language, with an emphasis on the implementation aspects.


The Standard specifies:

  • The form of legal basic constituents of Eiffel texts, or lexical properties of the language
  • The structure of legal Eiffel texts made of lexically legal constituents, or syntax properties
  • Supplementary restrictions imposed on syntactically legal Eiffel texts, or validity properties
  • The computational effect of executing valid Eiffel texts, or semantic properties
  • Some requirements on a conforming implementation of Eiffel, such as the ability to produce certain forms of automatic documentation

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