Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

Free online book “Dynamic Web Development with Seaside”. Seaside is an excellent framework for easily developing advanced and dynamic web applications. Seaside lets you create reusable components that you can freely compose using Smalltalk — a simple and pure object-oriented language.


Seaside is the open source framework of choice for developing sophisticated and dynamic web applications. Seaside uses the power of objects to master the web. With Seaside web applications is as simple as building desktop applications. Seaside lets you build highly dynamic and interactive web applications.

Dynamic Web Development with Seaside, intended for developers, will present the core of Seaside as well as advanced features such as Web 2.0 support and deployment. In this book you will learn how to design your own components and glue them together to build and deploy powerful and reusable web applications.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Pharo Smalltalk
  • Cincom Smalltalk
  • GemStone/S
  • GNU Smalltalk
  • VA Smalltalk
  • Rendering Components
  • CSS in a Nutshell
  • Anchors and Callbacks
  • Forms
  • Calling Components
  • Embedding Components
  • Tasks
  • Writing good Seaside Code
  • A Simple ToDo Application
  • A Web Sudoku Player
  • Serving Files
  • Managing Sessions
  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Dynamic Content with Scriptaculous
  • jQuery
  • Comet
  • Deployment
  • REST Services
  • Some Persistency Approaches
  • Magritte: Meta-data at Work

Book Details

Author(s): Stéphane Ducasse, Lukas Renggli, David C. Shaffer, Rick Zaccone and Michael Davies.
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 375
Link: Read online.

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