Software Fault Tolerance

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The complete text of “Software Fault Tolerance”, written by Michael R. Lyu, is available in pdf format. The book is intended for practitioners and researchers who are concerned with the dependability of software systems.


The topics explored in this book are the techniques and experiences regarding fault tolerance in software systems and the prevention of overall system failures.
Software fault tolerance techniques involve error detection, exception handling, monitoring mechanisms and error recovery. This important book also focuses on identification, application, formulation and evaluation of current software tolerance techniques.

Table of Contents

  • The Evolution of the Recovery Block Concept
  • The Methodology of N-Version Programming
  • Architectural Issues in Software Fault Tolerance
  • Exception Handling and Tolerance of Software Faults
  • Dependability Modeling for Fault-Tolerant Software and Systems
  • Analyses Using Stochastic Reward Nets
  • Checkpointing and the Modeling of Program Execution Time
  • The Distributed Recovery Block Scheme
  • Software Fault Tolerance by Design Diversity
  • Software Fault Tolerance in the Application Layer
  • Software Fault Tolerance in Computer Operating Systems
  • The Cost Effectiveness for Telecommunication Service Dependability
  • Software Fault Insertion Testing for Fault Tolerance

Book Details

Author(s): Michael R. Lyu
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 354
Link: Download.

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