Download PDF: Foundations of Databases: The Logical Level (Alice Book)

Download PDF: Foundations of Databases: The Logical Level (Alice book)

Foundations of Databases: The Logical Level “Alice Book”, written by three leading researchers in the field, provides in-depth coverage of the theory concerning the logical level of database management systems, including both classical and advanced topics. You can download the whole book or individual chapters in pdf format for free.


Emphasizes query languages for the relational model including coverage of different language paradigms, expressive power, and complexity. Presents a unified theory of dependencies, including those commonly arising in practice, and their use in optimization and schema design. Provides theoretical underpinnings of several emerging topics, including deductive and object-oriented databases. Includes detailed proofs and numerous examples and exercises.

Table of Contents

  • Database Systems
  • Theoretical Background
  • The Relational Model
  • Conjunctive Queries
  • Adding Negation: Algebra and Calculus
  • Static Analysis and Optimization
  • Notes on Practical Languages
  • Functional and Join Dependency
  • Inclusion Dependency
  • A Larger Perspective
  • Design and Dependencies
  • Datalog
  • Evaluation of Datalog
  • Recursion and Negation
  • Negation in Datalog
  • Sizing Up Languages
  • First Order, Fixpoint and While
  • Highly Expressive Languages
  • Incomplete Information
  • Complex Values
  • Object Databases
  • Dynamic Aspects

Book Details

Author(s): Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull and Victor Vianu.
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.97 MB
Number of pages: 678
Link: Download.

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