Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering

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Each chapter of “Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering” by Michael R. Lyu can be downloaded in pdf format. Each of the book’s individual topics could be considered as a compact, self-contained mini-book right under its title.


The theme underlying the book is the formulation, application, and evaluation of software reliability engineering techniques in practice. Reliability is obviously related to many characteristics of the software product and development process. The book is designed for practitioners or researchers of all levels of expertise from novice to expert. It is targeted for several large general groups of people who need information on software reliability engineering.

The topics are presented in relation to the basic principles and practices of software reliability engineering. The approach is to provide a framework and a set of techniques for evaluating and improving the engineering of software reliability. It presents a specific set of solutions, mostly obtained from real world projects and experimental studies, for routine applications. It further highlights promising emerging techniques for research and exploration opportunities.

This book is also designed to be used as a textbook by students of software engineering or system reliability, either in a classroom or for self-study. Examples, case studies, and problems have been provided throughout the book to illustrate the concepts and to walk through the techniques. A Solution Manual is available with solutions to some of the exercises.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Software Reliability and System Reliability
  • Software Reliability Modeling Survey
  • Techniques for Prediction Analysis and Recalibration
  • The Operational Profile
  • Best Current Practice of SRE
  • Software Reliability Measurement Experience
  • Measurement-Based Analysis of Software Reliability
  • Orthogonal Defect Classification
  • Trend Analysis
  • Field Data Analysis
  • Software Metrics for Reliability Assessment
  • Software Testing and Reliability
  • Fault-Tolerant Software Reliability Engineering
  • Software System Analysis Using Fault Trees
  • Software Reliability Simulation
  • Neural Networks for Software Reliability Engineering
  • Software Reliability Tools
  • Review of Reliabiltiy Theory, Analytical Techniques, and Basic Statistics

Book Details

Author(s): Michael R. Lyu
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 850
Link: Download.

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