An Introduction to ATM Networks

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“An Introduction to ATM Networks”, written by Harry G. Perros, is free to download in pdf format. This is a textbook for graduate students and undergraduates in electrical engineering and computer science as well as a reference work for networking engineers.


This introductory well-structured text on ATM networks describes their development, architecture, congestion control, deployment, and signalling in an intuitive, accessible way. It covers extensive background information and includes exercises that support the explanations throughout the book.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts From Computer Networks
  • Frame Relay
  • Main Features of ATM Networks
  • The ATM Adaptation Layer
  • ATM Switch Architectures
  • Congestion Control in ATM Network
  • Transporting IP Traffic Over ATM
  • ADSL-Based Access Networks
  • Signalling Over the UNI
  • The Private Network-Network Interface (PNNI)

Book Details

Author(s): Harry G. Perros
Publisher: Wiley
Format(s): PDF
File size: 3.76 MB
Number of pages: 304
Link: Download.

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    An Introduction to ATM Networks

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