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Download this free eBook, “JavaScript Enlightenment” by Cody Lindley, in pdf format. If you are a designer or developer who has only used JavaScript under the mantle of libraries, the material in this book will transform you from a JavaScript library user into a JavaScript developer.


This book is not about JavaScript design patterns or implementing an object-oriented paradigm with JavaScript code. It was not written to distinguish the good features of the JavaScript language from the bad. It is not meant to be a complete reference guide. It is not targeted at people new to programming or those completely new to JavaScript. Nor is this a cookbook of JavaScript recipes. Those books have been written.

It was my intention to write a book to give the reader an accurate JavaScript worldview through an examination of native JavaScript objects and supporting nuances: complex values, primitive values, scope, inheritance, the head object, etc. I intend this book to be a short and digestible summary of the ECMA-262, Edition 3 specification, focused on the nature of objects in JavaScript.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • JavaScript Objects
  • Working with Objects and Properties
  • Object()
  • Function()
  • The Head/Global Object
  • The this Keyword
  • Scope & Closures
  • Function Prototype Property
  • Array()
  • String()
  • Number()
  • Boolean()
  • Working with Primitive String, Number and Boolean values
  • Null
  • Undefined
  • Math Function

Book Details

Author(s): Cody Lindley
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.53 MB
Number of pages: 141
Link: Download.

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