Docker Succinctly

Docker Succinctly

Containers have revolutionized software development, allowing developers to bundle their applications with everything they need, from the operating system up, into a single package. Docker is one of the most popular platforms for containers, allowing them to be hosted on-premises or on the cloud, and to run on Linux, Windows, and Mac machines. With Docker Succinctly by Elton Stoneman, learn the basics of building Docker images, sharing them on the Docker Hub, orchestrating containers to deliver large applications, and much more.

Topics included: Introducing Docker • Packaging Applications with Docker • Image Registries and the Docker Hub • Data Storage in Docker • Orchestrating Systems with Docker • Clustering Hosts with Docker Swarm • Docker on Linux, Windows, and ARM • Running Docker in the Cloud • Continuing Your Docker Journey.

Book Details

Author(s): Elton Stoneman
Publisher: Syncfusion Inc.
Published: January, 2018
Format(s): PDF, Mobi(Kindle), ePub
File size: 2.64 MB
Number of pages: 98
Download / View Link(s): Download

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