DNS for Rocket Scientists

This free guide is about DNS and (mostly) BIND 9.x on Linux (Fedora Core), BSD’s (FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD) and Windows (Win 2K, XP, Server 2003). It is meant for newbies, Rocket Scientist wannabees and anyone in between.


Provides all the material necessary to deploy an appropriate DNS software solution in a organisation. Provides background material on the Internet’s Domain Name system architecture and its relationship to domain Registration. Acts as a reference source for DNS information with links to definitive documentation.

Table of Contents

  • Boilerplate and Terminology
  • DNS – Overview
  • DNS Reverse Mapping
  • DNS Types
  • BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Daemon)
  • DNS Sample Configurations
  • BIND named.conf Parameters
  • DNS Resource Records
  • DNS HowTos
  • Diagnostics and Tools
  • DNS Message Formats

Book Details

Author(s): Ron Aitchison
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 608
Link: Read online.

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