Direct2D Succinctly

Direct2D Succinctly Direct2D Succinctly, by Chris Rose, is a straightforward, step-by-step guide to rendering graphics with Direct2D.

Book Description

After starting a simple Hello, World! template application in Visual Studio, you’ll gradually add to it until you have a complete charting system that features multiple pages, zooming functionality, and printing support. The final chapters of the book are devoted to Direct3D. Though Direct3D is capable of rendering 3-D graphics, it can render 2-D graphics much faster than Direct2D.

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Author(s): Chris Rose
Publisher: Syncfusion Inc.
Published: August 2013
Format(s): PDF, Mobi(Kindle)
File size: 3.40 MB
Number of pages: 187
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Direct2D Succinctly [PDF, Mobi]

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