Digital Education

Digital Education is a thoughtful and sophisticated discussion of the shape of education in the future. The purpose of this book is to provide a panorama of the application of new digital technologies in education as the century comes to an end.


In some cases we have described instances where this technology has already been implemented with great success, in others we discuss promises that have still to be confirmed. We also hope to awaken “critical enthusiasm” for an effective and beneficial implementation of the best technology in the service of education and the individual. This is a great challenge, partly because of the multiplicity and complexity of new technologies that are constantly exceeding the traditional limits of educational science and partly because no-one can know which of these technologies will prevail in education in the coming century. A text of this nature should be subject to regular revision, as the explosion in technology is of such a magnitude that many innovations that seemed impossible to apply in the field of education a few years ago are now commonplace. This trend is evident in all latitudes; in some cases a high-tech product from a developed country finds an educational application in a peripheral country before it is used for these purposes in its country of origin.

This book will therefore be content to describe the situation faced today by educators committed to the efficient introduction of new digital technologies already widely available on the market. This project is also being published on Internet, and is available on our web site ( as an example of a system that will soon be widely adopted in the world of publishing: the “dual book”, available in printed and digital form.

Table of Contents

  • A new era
  • Education and its context
  • The digital habit
  • The extended school
  • New tools and old
  • Digital transition
  • Means and ends
  • The digital library
  • The home computer
  • New instruments of thought
  • Presence and remote presence
  • Talents and handicaps

Book Details

Author(s): Antonio M. Battro and Percival J. Denham
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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