Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod

Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod

“Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod”, written by Michael Snoyman and published by O’Reilly Media, is available online. Read it on authors’ website. This book introduces web application development with Haskell and Yesod.


By the time you finish this book, you’ll create a production-quality web application with Yesod’s ready-to-use scaffolding. You’ll also examine several real-world examples, including a blog, a wiki, a JSON web service, and a Sphinx search server.

You’ll work with several samples to explore the way Yesod handles widgets, forms, persistence, and RESTful content. You also get an introduction to various Haskell tools to supplement your basic knowledge of the language.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Haskell
  • Basics
  • Shakespearean Templates
  • Widgets
  • Yesod Typeclass
  • Routing and Handlers
  • Forms
  • Sessions
  • Persistent
  • Deploying your Webapp
  • RESTful Content
  • Yesod’s Monads
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Scaffolding and the Site Template
  • Internationalization
  • Creating a Subsite
  • Blog: i18n, authentication, authorization, and database
  • Wiki: markdown, chat subsite, event source
  • JSON Web Service
  • Case Study: Sphinx-based Search

Book Details

Author(s): Michael Snoyman
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 298
Link: Read online.

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