Designing Components with the C++ STL

Designing Components with the C++ STL

Designed with the aim to introduce the reader to the STL and show how this resource can be exploited, and extend its use to the construction of new components. Represents a breakthrough in C++ programming techniques.


One reason for the success of C++ is that today a large number of libraries is available on the market which greatly facilitate the development of programs, because they offer reliable and well-proven components. A particularly carefully constructed library is the Standard Template Library, which has been developed at Hewlett-Packard by Alexander Stepanov, Meng Lee, and their colleagues. It has been accepted by the ANSI/ISO committee as part of the C++ Standard ISO/IEC 14882.

The emphasis of the STL is on data structures for containers, and the algorithms that work with them. The technical reference document of the STL (Stepanov and Lee,1995) has practically, with some modifications, become a part of the C++ Standard. Both are the basis for the first two parts of this book.

Table of Contents

  • The concept of the C++ Standard Template Library
  • Iterators
  • Containers
  • Abstract data types
  • Standard algorithms
  • Set operations on associative containers
  • Fast associative containers
  • Various applications
  • Vectors and matrices
  • External sorting
  • Graphs

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