Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics

Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics

An introductory to intermediate level tutorial in designing arcade computer game graphics, focusing on the development of quality 2D graphics. Graphics play a central role in the computer gaming experience, and arcade-style games are no exception.


Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics emphasizes the development of quality graphics for 2D arcade-style computer games, both online and offline, including such topics as game design and documentation, graphics tools, animation, proper color usage, and fonts. Graphic designer and animator Ari Feldman provides a step-by-step example of designing 2D graphics and animation for an arcade-style game.

Table of Contents

  • Arcade Games and Computer Arcade Game Platforms
  • Designing for Different Display Modes
  • Image Compression and Graphic File Formats
  • Files and File Management
  • Evaluating Graphics Creation Tools
  • Essential Graphics Tools
  • Color and Arcade Game Graphics
  • All About Color Palettes
  • Arcade Game Animation
  • Fonts and Arcade Games
  • Planning Arcade Game Graphics
  • Hands-on Arcade Game Project—Fish Dish
  • Miscellaneous Topics and Final Thoughts

Book Details

Author(s): Ari Feldman
Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 4.80 MB
Number of pages: 514
Link: Download.

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