Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Real Life Applications

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Real Life Applications

This book presents four different ways of theoretical and practical advances and applications of data mining in different promising areas like Industrialist, Biological, and Social. Twenty six chapters cover different special topics with proposed novel ideas.


Each chapter gives an overview of the subjects and sort of the chapters have cases with offered data mining solutions. We hope that this book will be served as a Data Mining bible to show a right way for the students, researchers and practitioners in their studies. The twenty six chapters have been classified in four corresponding parts.

Table of Contents

  • A Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery Process Model
  • Knowledge Discovery on the Grid
  • Rough Set Theory — Fundamental Concepts, Principals, Data Extraction, and Applications
  • Robust Data Mining: An Integrated Approach
  • On the Selection of Meaningful Association Rules
  • Hybrid Clustering for Validation and Improvement of Subject-Classification Schemes
  • Automatic Product Classification Control System Using RFID Tag Information and Data Mining
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Mining Using Multiple Classifiers Combination
  • Content-based Image Classification via Visual Learning
  • Clustering Parallel Data Streams
  • Mining Multiple-level Association Rules Based on Pre-large Concepts
  • Data Mining Applications: Promise and Challenges
  • Mining Spatio-Temporal Datasets: Relevance, Challenges and Current Research Directions
  • Benchmarking the Data Mining Algorithms with Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in GSM Churn Management
  • Using Data Mining to Investigate the Behavior of Video Rental Customers
  • A Novel Model for Global Customer Retention Using Data Mining Technology
  • Data Mining in Web Applications
  • Application of Data Mining Techniques to the Data Analyses to Ensure Safety of Medicine Usage
  • Data Mining in the Molecular Biology Era — A Study Directed to Carbohydrates Biosynthesis and Accumulation in Plants
  • Microarray Data Mining for Biological Pathway Analysis
  • Development of Microsatellite Markers by Data Mining from DNA Sequences
  • Quality Improvement using Data Mining in Manufacturing Processes
  • The Deployment of Data Mining into Operational Business Processes
  • Data Mining Applied to the Instrumentation Data Analysis of a Large Dam
  • A Data Mining Algorithm for Monitoring PCB Assembly Quality
  • An Overview of Data Mining Techniques Applied to Power Systems

Book Details

Author(s): Julio Ponce and Adem Karahoca
Publisher: I-Tech Education and Publishing
Format(s): PDF
File size: 19.90 MB
Number of pages: 436
Link: Download.

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