Data + Design

Data + Design

Data + Design: A Simple Introduction to Preparing and Visualizing Information explains important data concepts in simple language. Think of it as an in-depth data FAQ for graphic designers, content producers, and less-technical folks who want some extra help knowing where to begin, and what to watch out for when visualizing information.

Topics included: Basic Data Types • About Data Aggregation • Intro to Survey Design • Types of Survey Questions • Additional Data Collection Methods • Finding External Data • Getting Data Ready for Cleaning • Data Cleaning • Types of Data Checks • What Data Cleaning Can and Can’t Catch • Data Transformations • Deciding Which and How Much Data to Illustrate • Graphing the Results of Checkbox Responses • Anatomy of a Graphic • Importance of Color, Font, and Icons • Print Vs. Web, Static Vs. Interactive • Perception Deception • Common Visualization Mistakes.

Book Details

Author(s): Trina Chiasson, Dyanna Gregory, and etc.
Publisher: Infoactive
Published: October 2014
Format(s): PDF, HTML(Online)
File size: 3.76 MB
Number of pages: 299
Download / View Link(s): PDF, Online

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