Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets

Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets

wxWidgets is an easy-to-use, open source C++ API for writing GUI applications that run on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and even Pocket PC–supporting each platform’s native look and feel with virtually no additional coding. Now, its creator and two leading developers teach you all you need to know to write robust cross-platform software with wxWidgets.


This book covers everything from dialog boxes to drag-and-drop, from networking to multithreading. It includes all the tools and code you need to get great results, fast. From AMD to AOL, Lockheed Martin to Xerox, world-class developers are using wxWidgets to save money, increase efficiency, and reach new markets.

Table of Contents

  • Event handling
  • Window basics
  • Drawing and printing
  • Handling input
  • Window layout using sizers
  • Using standard dialogs
  • Creating custom dialogs
  • Programming with images
  • Clipboard and drag and drop
  • Advanced window classes
  • Data structure classes
  • Files and streams
  • Memory management, debugging and error checking
  • Writing international applications
  • Writing multithreaded applications
  • Programming with wxSocket
  • Working with documents and views
  • Perfecting your application
  • Installing wxWidgets
  • Building your own wxWidgets applications
  • Creating applications with DialogBlocks
  • Other features in wxWidgets
  • Third-party tools for wxWidgets
  • How wxWidgets processes events
  • Event classes and macros
  • Code Listings
  • Porting from MFC

Book Details

Author(s): Julian Smart and Kevin Hock
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Format(s): PDF
File size: 6.80 MB
Number of pages: 744
Link: Download.

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