Creating and Extending Adobe Flex 3 Components

Creating and Extending Adobe Flex 3 Components

Download this free 232 page ebook “Creating and Extending Adobe Flex 3 Components” which include three sections: Part 1: Custom Component Development, Part 2: MXML Custom Components and Part 3: ActionScript Custom Components.


Adobe® Flex® supports a component-based development model. You use the predefined components included with Flex to build your applications, and create components for your specific application requirements. You can create custom components by using MXML or ActionScript.

Table of Contents

  • Custom Flex Components
  • Custom ActionScript Components
  • Custom Events
  • Metadata Tags in Custom Components
  • Component Compilation
  • Simple MXML Components
  • Advanced MXML Components
  • Simple Visual Components in ActionScript
  • Advanced Visual Components in ActionScript
  • Custom Style Properties
  • Template Components
  • Custom Formatters
  • Custom Validators
  • Effects

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